Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reading an Italian train ticket

(you can enlarge the image by clicking on it)

Some helpful terms for navigating a train ticket (from the top down):
Biglietto con Prenotazione = Ticket with a Reservation
ES Italia AV FAST = the type of train
Base = fare type

N.1 Adulti= 1 Adult passenger

Data= Date (D/M)  Ora= Time  Partenza= Departure Station
Arrivo= Arrival Station   Classe= class (1= first, 2= second)

Treno= the number of the train  This is the number that you need to look for on the arrival and departure boards to locate your track (binario/bin)

Carrozza= carriage number   Posti= seat number
Finestrino= window seat  (Corridoio = aisle seat)

meno 30= shows that I received a discount for an advance purchase

This is a ticket for a regional train which does  not have reserved seating:
Biglietto Treno Ordinario da Convalidare = the ticket will be *good* when it is validated in one of those nifty orange, yellow, or green machines that are located near the tracks.

Utilizzabile dal 12/02/09 al 20/04/09= these types of tickets are good for two months or until validated. They can be used on any regional train for this destination

Partenze= departure station   Arrivo= arrival station     Classe= seating class (1= first, 2= second)

Via...= shows some of the intermediate stops or the direction of the train

KM= the distance in kilometers in the journey 

Vale 6H da convalida= After validating your ticket, you can use it for 6 hours

TOT BIGL. N.1= 1 ticket was issued

There is some faint print along the left edge of the ticket (you may not be able to see it) that shows what the validation stamp looks like.

The nifty validation machines. Make sure the screen has the date and time displayed and not FUORI DI SERVIZIO which means it is NOT working.

Some non ticket info:

The large 2 indicates that this is a second class carriage. The small 6 on the door is the carriage number. Sometimes it might be on a sign in the window.

This is the small area between seats where a medium size case will fit.

This is the luggage storage area in the older compartment style seating with 3 seats facing 3 seats.

Newer center carriage storage racks.

Photos from the newer ES*A train from Naples to Rome (2010- second class)

The new style monitors with trip progress.

The strange numbering system  91/93 face 92

but 94/95 face 96

New numbering system

Storage space between seats and overhead.

Power ports and fold down tables


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